Commissioner Marie Atake resigns over failings of Antonio Villaraigosa’s Animal Services

Los Angeles City Animal Services Commissioner Marie Atake resigned August 31 over the failings of Director Ed Boks and Jimmy Blackman from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s office.

August 31, 2007
Honorable Antonio Villaraigosa
Mayor’s Office, City of Los Angeles

Dear Mayor Villaraigosa,

For two years, I have worked very hard to help improve the Department of Animal Services (LAAS) and protect the integrity of the Mayor’s office as your appointed Commissioner.

However, my seeking transparency, clarity and honesty is apparently what Mr. Blackman, your Deputy Chief of Staff, does not want me to do. His consistent refusal to hold Mr. Ed Boks, the General Manager, accountable — for his actions, including making false, misleading and inflammatory comments to your office, staff, City Council, the public, and the media— has made my efforts ineffective at every level.

When I told Mr. Blackman that Mr. Boks would not shut down his city website blog, against the advice of the LAPD’s Threat Management unit, Mr. Blackman dismissed my concerns and called it merely “one of the many wrong things Boks has done” that he’s already aware of and would not take any action.

On the city website, Mr. Boks recently bashed the Director of LA County Animal Control and attacked one of the most reputable animal-welfare organizations which has provided invaluable assistance to the city’s department. Instead of allowing the Commission to keep Mr. Boks under control, it is my opinion that Mr. Blackman conceals critical facts and protects Mr. Boks’ misbehavior from your view.

As a result, one such distortion made you appear uninformed at a recent press conference about the state of the city animal shelters. Consequently, several media outlets are presently investigating your claims of LAAS success.

Mr. Blackman looked the other way on another serious problem when Mr. Boks grossly misled City Council on August 3rd, during Item #41. As a result, City Council had to table an innovative program when it was discovered that Mr. Boks failed to consult with the Commission, Personnel and SEIU.

Recently, the Commission discovered its serious procedural problems with a past appeal. I was not involved with this particular appeal, however, I felt it was the Commission’s sworn duty to right its wrongs, and restore its integrity, when the process was violated, with unfairness and prejudice appearing high and harmful.

Unfortunately I have learned that certain members of your administration, this department and the Commission are incapable of acknowledging errors, therein misleading the public. Such actions (or inactions) are resulting in the needless suffering and death of many animals, mistreatment of the public, and wasting of financial and human capital.

You are welcome to contact me if you wish to be further informed about Mr. Boks’ crises, including, but not limited to, the veterinarian shortage; unopened spay/neuter clinics; zero foreign language outreach; shelter overcrowding; delayed shelter openings; end-runs on key stakeholders; and a tidal wave of public relations disasters.

As I recall, one of your campaign platforms was to uphold the ethical standards expected by the city residents. Most recently, you stressed the importance of accountability. While these values may not matter to some of your key staff, I hope they still matter to you.

In closing, I am resigning my position as a Commissioner because I can no longer, in good conscience, be a part of such demoralization. I wish that I were allowed to apply my business skills and expertise as a nonprofit organization leader, (the reason why you appointed me), to fully serve the people and animals of Los Angeles, which is supposed to be the City of Angels.


Marie Atake



As some of you may have heard Judge Stewart Rice appears to be working right along side city attorney Rocky Delgadillo and prostitutes Spencer Hart (aka “Hartless”) and Richard E. (“Crafty”) Kraft, to unlawfully convict the non-profit charity ADL-LA of focused picketing. They are also precluding ADL-LA’s freedom of speech by ordering ADL-LA to remove the pictures above from ADL-LA’s web site by August 31st (which ADL-LA complied with, although ADL-LA is APPEALING this ludicrous attack on their free speech rights.)

In short, Judge Stewart Rice, Rocky Delgadillo, Spencer Hartless and Richard E. Kraft are intentionally and with premeditation, seizing first amendment rights from legal above ground activists. But this type of illegal, unscrupulous State repression levied against grass roots activists has throughout history simply forced others to get involved and step up to the plate to fight harder; not only for their cause, but to make a statement against those who use their political power to oppress and repress citizens. When the State came down against Civil Rights activists, it just made others want to get out and get involved, and the same with other social causes including women’s suffrage and illegal occupations of other countries.

Activists have been vigorously writing to ADL-LA for over a month (from all over the world) claiming that because the city has a “hard-on” particularly for ADL-LA, they are even more inspired to do their own pickets, and a few are interested in creating another web site regarding the Department of LA Animal Services.

ADL-LA is certainly eager to see the creativity of those who are determined to make sure that Rice, Delgadillo, Hart ‘less’ and Kraft don’t completely shred the Constitution and continue their flagrant assault upon ADL-LA in order to climb their own dirty political ladder.

While innocent, precious, healthy and treatable animals are being murdered daily against their will in LA city Death Camps, Ed Boks is cooking the books and lying in order to stay in power and keep his upwards of $200,000.00 per year salary. Other LAAS and city employees/officials like Jimmy Blackman, are not just allowing this, but perpetuating these horrors.

Judge Rice concluded that even though activists spent only 14% of a July 2nd picket walking by and/or in front of Boks’ condo, (this works out to 86% of their time away from the condo,) he still considers that a violation of the “focused” picketing ordinance! Furthermore, even though INDEPENDANT activists (who were not members of ADL-LA) went up to Boks’ public communal call box and tried to ring him on that bright, sunny July day, Rice is holding ADL-LA responsible and ordering the animal charity to pay a fine of upwards of three thousand dollars!

Judge Rice is pretty loose with animal money that ought to be spent on helping animals; but instead is forcing ADL-LA to pay money (which it does not have) into an unjust system hell bent on killing tens of thousands of homeless and lost animals every single year. But like most Judges, especially in the lower courts, they are not concerned with helping animals or protecting first amendment rights, only continuing to brown nose Rocky Delgadillo and the ‘system’ so they can move up, make more money and obtain more power.

In conclusion, ADL-LA is appealing these orders not only because they are ludicrous, but because the oppression by the State (the State in this case being the city of LA under Rocky Delgadillo) has resulted in making some activists afraid to participate in legal demonstrations!! These right wing, neo-con’s like Delgadillo, who ‘does thou protest too much’ about other’s activities, are in fact guilty themselves of violating laws much worse then using someone’s communal public phone box! But the good news is that animal rights activists are passionate and relentless; and they will win their struggle to stop the killing of innocent, sentient beings who are being killed because of Boks’ corrupt and incompetent system of “management by Death.”


ADL-LA Disclaimer: Nothing contained in this publication is intended to encourage or incite illegal acts. Many of the reports contained in our Action Alerts and on our web site at have been received anonymously and the Campaign cannot make any guarantees for the accuracy of these reports. Any views or comments stated in reports, Action Alerts or on the web site are not necessarily the views of STK or ADL-LA.

Njara Alert: Philly Conference for Grassroots AR Activists

Mid-Atlantic Animal Rights Coalition Presents
1st Annual Symposium for Local Activism

“Working Together to Empower Grassroots Activists”

Saturday, September 15, 2007
12pm – 6pm
The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104 (directions)

* Free to the Public *
* Free Vegan Snacks and Beverages *
Vegan meals for sale by The Daily Vegan

Followed by Public Eye: Artists for Animals’ “Veggie Cabaret” from 8-10pm, featuring cartoonist Dan Piraro. Tickets $15 – for Veggie Cabaret info/tickets

Symposium Overview: Bringing together local activists and advocates, this symposium will facilitate a deeper understanding of the challenges confronting the grassroots animal rights community today to help build a stronger regional activist network. Panels composed of experienced local activists and experts will examine topics of mutual interest and field questions from the audience.

Panel Topics
– The Grassroots Animal Rights Movement- Past/Present/Future
– Legal Questions & Issues Facing Grassroots Groups/Activists
– Effectively Using the Media to Support Our Cause
– Helping Each Other Become Better Activists

Informal Networking, 12-1pm
Panel Discussions, 1-6pm
Seating limited. Contact or call 302-368-0136 to RSVP.

MAARC Member Groups ( Baltimore Animal Rights Coalition (MD); Coalition for Animals (NJ); Compassion for Animals, Respect for Environment (PA); Delaware Action for Animals (DE); God’s Creatures Ministry (NJ); Hugs for Puppies (PA); New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (NJ); Mobilization for Animals (PA); Public Eye: Artists for Animals (PA)

Action Alert: Merrick Fall Fest featuring petting zoos, pony rides, and other cruel acts…

Next weekend, September 7th-9th, is the Merrick Festival & Craft Fair. This event features a petting zoo, pony rides, and a “pet expo”. For more information on the cruelty and sanitary problems of petting zoos, check out:

The fair is on Friday, September 7th from 6-10pm, Saturday the 8th from 11am-10pm, and Sunday the 9th from 11am-6pm. Ways to combat the disregard of animal treatment include demonstrating during these times and/or calling the Merrick Chamber of Commerce, which hosts the Fall Fest. The Merrick Chamber of Commerce can be reached at 516-771-1171 or E-mailed at

The chamber president is Marian Fraker-Gutin, while the sponsors are Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Assemblyman David McDonough, LIPA, Roslyn Savings Bank, Astoria Federal, Madison National Bank, Dime Savings Bank, Commerce Bank, HSBC, Zwanger Pesiri Radiology.

Please use your voice for the animals kept in filthy conditions for the
amusement of unwitting children and naïve parents.
“…the earth is not dying, the earth is being killed.
…and those that are killing it
have names and addresses.”
(utah philips)

From: Support for Rod Coronado

Hello All!

This past weekend was one I could only have dreamed of; perhaps too cynical or jaded by experience, I tend to leave idyllic adventures for my four year old daughter’s bedtime. But, once again life has shown us that magic is abundant, love is conquering, and that the design of life certainly has plans for us.

After a week of tumultuous events, Rod and I were wed on September 1, during what was one of the most magical days of our lives. We were surrounded by our loved ones, Earth warriors, community builders, blissful children, and the spirit of the Earth, whom was sure to make herself known.

The week began with the arrival of some dear friends and family members, which set a tone of support and strength. But, we also received a call from Rod’s Probation Officer, who was very angry that he had attended a benefit in Minnesota, even after we had permission from the court’s in San Diego. As it turns out, the court’s here were not happy about that, and his PO asked for him to be returned to prison for violating his terms of release. I feel Rod is protected by all of the love that surrounds us now, for Judge Bury would not violate him, although in the future it seems he may need to ask for permission to attend such events. That was a huge SIGH* for us, as it would have been a sad wedding for me without my partner……

Then came the next obstacle, how would we be allowed to have some of our wedding guests, attendants, and our minister marry us since they all posed a risk of violating Rod’s terms of probation? I don’t know how or why this worked out, but the PO officer and the supervisor were willing to give us temporary ok to associate with them for the time of the wedding. We prayed for that, literally visualized and only believed that it would be that way, and when it came time to ask that of the courts, we were granted the permission! They said, “they felt like it was the human thing to do…” hmmm…. I have a few more suggestions, but, I was more than pleased and we then knew that Creator was watching closely.

Rod went to San Diego on Friday, and although no major details were decided on, as it was presented to me, things sound hopeful. (Rod has ANOTHER InLIM hearing this Thursday…please attend!) Rod was not stressed or disturbed as is the usual reaction to the appearances in San Diego, but was joyful and easily reconnected back to the plans of the weekend, surrounded by family and friends, and an abundance of joy!

Our hearts were so happy the entire weekend. I do not think we could have been more sure about anything, as our testament to each other was so obvious and true throughout the time. I have witnessed a lot of dramatic emotions during such times, and it was so refreshing to have each other as a source of peace and solace. We walked together in union right up to the time of the wedding when then it was apparent that this relationship is far bigger than us.

When we arrived at the Botanical Gardens, the weather was hot and sticky….real hot and real sticky. There was much work to be done and not a lot of time to do it in ( the story of our lives). As the ends were coming together, on the distance an enormous black cloud began to show itself. Rolling thunder began to sound, and I tried to remain unattached to the idea that the party may be over before it started. We managed to do all the pictures, and set up the table just in time for some rain to come down, which meant that all the table clothes and chairs were soaked.

But…. as in Arizona, the storm passed…….or so it seemed. Ten minutes before we began our entrance to the ceremony, the darkest clouds covered our head, and lightning and thunder began to increase. We lit the sage and the children walked up the path, blessing our way. We made it into the sacred circle right as a light rain began to fall, and everyone, including Rod and myself were overjoyed with the blessings of the West. We had a pipe blessing, and then when our friend Peg began the invocation of the four directions, the winds wiped, the lightening and thunder cracked, and we were all humbled by such a display. As a friend said, “that should be in a movie!”

Once the wedding party left the ceremony site, the rains subsided and the sun shown her face, and the chairs dried and the party began!

We thank everyone who was there to help us, we rejoice in the beauty of all the hearts that opened so wide and shared with us that dear moment, and we send our love for those who we wished to be with us, and could only be so in spirit.

And after this week, we will walk hand in hand into the courtroom of Judge Miller and believe that Creator will guide us so magnificently through the trial, as we shown that these steps truly are part of a grander design.

I personally send my love and prayers out to the many along the way who have been there to assure me that we are not alone, and I pray for healing to those who may still appose us or see my family as a threat. I know that what Rod and I do is about love, it is about a new way, and a future. It is not about hurting, or destroying, any of the fearful places people sometimes reside. If we can all experience these profound events that happen daily across the planet, we shall be reminded that life is sweet, even when there is suffering. Letting go of the past and walking into the future is the only way to walk free; for Rod, for me, for the governments, for any human that hopes for harmony….

We will see you on our honeymoon, San Diego, September 10, 2007. Please be there, in body or spirit!


Art From the Streets

Kicking off National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, today was the annual Art From the Streets exhibition and art sale.

Art From the Streets

You can get involved in your community too!
National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week;…

Food Not Bombs;

just for starters…

James Primate Killed for Household Product Testing

From the movie “Behind the Mask”,
the documentary about people who risk their lives and freedom to save animals. Visit to order the DVD today.