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From: Support for Rod Coronado

Hello All!

This past weekend was one I could only have dreamed of; perhaps too cynical or jaded by experience, I tend to leave idyllic adventures for my four year old daughter’s bedtime. But, once again life has shown us that magic is abundant, love is conquering, and that the design of life certainly has plans for us.

After a week of tumultuous events, Rod and I were wed on September 1, during what was one of the most magical days of our lives. We were surrounded by our loved ones, Earth warriors, community builders, blissful children, and the spirit of the Earth, whom was sure to make herself known.

The week began with the arrival of some dear friends and family members, which set a tone of support and strength. But, we also received a call from Rod’s Probation Officer, who was very angry that he had attended a benefit in Minnesota, even after we had permission from the court’s in San Diego. As it turns out, the court’s here were not happy about that, and his PO asked for him to be returned to prison for violating his terms of release. I feel Rod is protected by all of the love that surrounds us now, for Judge Bury would not violate him, although in the future it seems he may need to ask for permission to attend such events. That was a huge SIGH* for us, as it would have been a sad wedding for me without my partner……

Then came the next obstacle, how would we be allowed to have some of our wedding guests, attendants, and our minister marry us since they all posed a risk of violating Rod’s terms of probation? I don’t know how or why this worked out, but the PO officer and the supervisor were willing to give us temporary ok to associate with them for the time of the wedding. We prayed for that, literally visualized and only believed that it would be that way, and when it came time to ask that of the courts, we were granted the permission! They said, “they felt like it was the human thing to do…” hmmm…. I have a few more suggestions, but, I was more than pleased and we then knew that Creator was watching closely.

Rod went to San Diego on Friday, and although no major details were decided on, as it was presented to me, things sound hopeful. (Rod has ANOTHER InLIM hearing this Thursday…please attend!) Rod was not stressed or disturbed as is the usual reaction to the appearances in San Diego, but was joyful and easily reconnected back to the plans of the weekend, surrounded by family and friends, and an abundance of joy!

Our hearts were so happy the entire weekend. I do not think we could have been more sure about anything, as our testament to each other was so obvious and true throughout the time. I have witnessed a lot of dramatic emotions during such times, and it was so refreshing to have each other as a source of peace and solace. We walked together in union right up to the time of the wedding when then it was apparent that this relationship is far bigger than us.

When we arrived at the Botanical Gardens, the weather was hot and sticky….real hot and real sticky. There was much work to be done and not a lot of time to do it in ( the story of our lives). As the ends were coming together, on the distance an enormous black cloud began to show itself. Rolling thunder began to sound, and I tried to remain unattached to the idea that the party may be over before it started. We managed to do all the pictures, and set up the table just in time for some rain to come down, which meant that all the table clothes and chairs were soaked.

But…. as in Arizona, the storm passed…….or so it seemed. Ten minutes before we began our entrance to the ceremony, the darkest clouds covered our head, and lightning and thunder began to increase. We lit the sage and the children walked up the path, blessing our way. We made it into the sacred circle right as a light rain began to fall, and everyone, including Rod and myself were overjoyed with the blessings of the West. We had a pipe blessing, and then when our friend Peg began the invocation of the four directions, the winds wiped, the lightening and thunder cracked, and we were all humbled by such a display. As a friend said, “that should be in a movie!”

Once the wedding party left the ceremony site, the rains subsided and the sun shown her face, and the chairs dried and the party began!

We thank everyone who was there to help us, we rejoice in the beauty of all the hearts that opened so wide and shared with us that dear moment, and we send our love for those who we wished to be with us, and could only be so in spirit.

And after this week, we will walk hand in hand into the courtroom of Judge Miller and believe that Creator will guide us so magnificently through the trial, as we shown that these steps truly are part of a grander design.

I personally send my love and prayers out to the many along the way who have been there to assure me that we are not alone, and I pray for healing to those who may still appose us or see my family as a threat. I know that what Rod and I do is about love, it is about a new way, and a future. It is not about hurting, or destroying, any of the fearful places people sometimes reside. If we can all experience these profound events that happen daily across the planet, we shall be reminded that life is sweet, even when there is suffering. Letting go of the past and walking into the future is the only way to walk free; for Rod, for me, for the governments, for any human that hopes for harmony….

We will see you on our honeymoon, San Diego, September 10, 2007. Please be there, in body or spirit!



Support the Activists Arrested in Chicago

On June 16th, ten activists on the HLS Shut Them Down tour were arrested in Chicago. Two were minors and were not charged, while the other eight are facing three misdemeanor charges each, and one is facing one felony charge. Two activists’ cars were impounded and searched, and police are holding property for investigation. The case will bring several activists from out of state back to Chicago for court up to six or seven times, and as legal fees are already piling up, we are seeking support from the community.

Justin (Portland/Chicago)
Tamara (Portland/Chicago)
Rob (Chicago)
Liz (Chicago)
Hannah (Washington DC)
Lauren (New Jersey)
Dave (Long Island)
Andy (Boston)

Legal support can be sent via paypal to

If anyone has a Verizon cell phone they are willing to donate, please contact us at

Please repost widely!


“When a man’s love of finery clouds his moral judgment, that is vanity. When he lets a demanding palate make his moral choices, that is gluttony. When he ascribes the divine will to his own whims, that is pride. And when he gets angry at being reminded of animal suffering that his own daily choices might help avoid, that is moral cowardice.” -Matthew Scully