Action Alert: Merrick Fall Fest featuring petting zoos, pony rides, and other cruel acts…

Next weekend, September 7th-9th, is the Merrick Festival & Craft Fair. This event features a petting zoo, pony rides, and a “pet expo”. For more information on the cruelty and sanitary problems of petting zoos, check out:

The fair is on Friday, September 7th from 6-10pm, Saturday the 8th from 11am-10pm, and Sunday the 9th from 11am-6pm. Ways to combat the disregard of animal treatment include demonstrating during these times and/or calling the Merrick Chamber of Commerce, which hosts the Fall Fest. The Merrick Chamber of Commerce can be reached at 516-771-1171 or E-mailed at

The chamber president is Marian Fraker-Gutin, while the sponsors are Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Assemblyman David McDonough, LIPA, Roslyn Savings Bank, Astoria Federal, Madison National Bank, Dime Savings Bank, Commerce Bank, HSBC, Zwanger Pesiri Radiology.

Please use your voice for the animals kept in filthy conditions for the
amusement of unwitting children and naïve parents.
“…the earth is not dying, the earth is being killed.
…and those that are killing it
have names and addresses.”
(utah philips)

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